What Are The Benefits Of Marriage

In today’s world it is the new norm to live with your partner without the commitment of marriage. The reason for this is because it is hard to see the benefits of marriage outweighing the fear of divorce.

As a young adult I lived with my first husband before we were married and I learned 3 life lessons I would like to share with you about why it is better to marry than to live together.

  1. Marriage commitment brings security. It is easy to walk out on a relationship that has no lasting commitment. Marriage binds a couple in law and before God.
  2. Marriage commitment curbs jealousy. There will always be that one who struggles with uncontrollable jealously, but for most people marriage stops jealousy because the commitment shows them you are not looking for someone else. To stop jealousy altogether, abstain from sex until marriage. If you can not restrain yourself long enough to be married it causes your partner to think you will not be restrained if tempted to cheat. 
  3.  Marriage commitment brings a clear conscience. The entire time we lived together my conscience bothered me. I was not affiliated with any religion, but deep down it felt wrong. Once we were married the feeling of wrongness went away.

I hope my life lessons help you in choosing whether to live with your partner or to marry first.

Father, thank you for the institution of marriage that we can feel safe and loved and live with a clear conscience before you. In Jesus name, Amen