Don’t Miss The Bigger Picture

Sometimes when the frustrations of life become so great we can lose focus on the bigger picture of God’s will for our lives. When I was a young mother I remember becoming so frustrated with the daily grind, all I could do was set on the steps and cry. I had lost my focus. I was so focused on each day’s problems I forgot God’s bigger picture of raising children unto the Lord. Sometimes when studying the Bible we can get caught up on one verse losing our focus of the bigger picture.

In Genesis 32:24-29, is the event in which Jacob wrestles with the man. Usually our focus is on who this man could have been, who gave him the authority to bless Jacob and why his thigh was injured? With our focus on these questions we miss the bigger picture of what God wants to show us. The last time I read this passage as a whole, I noticed this as a picture of going through the daily struggles of life. Notice in the overview, Jacob has a problem and separates himself from all distractions, then he wrestles, then he is broken, then he is blessed and his name is changed, then he names the place, seeing God face to face

The picture for us to see is the struggle we go through as God changes us into the image of Christ Jesus. God reveals to us a sin, we get alone with God about it, our spirit man wrestles with the fleshly desire, we are broken in submission to God’s will and we are blessed by being changed into Christ likeness, having seen God in the struggle. All these years of studying this and I have not seen this picture of the changing of a life.

Father, help us not to be so focused on one or two verses but to see the entirety of the scriptures which bring us closer to You. In Jesus name, amen.