What’s The Point of Studying the Bible?

We hear over and over from Bible teachers and preachers to study the Bible and we think, “What’s the point?” I am already living a decent life without knowing all there is to know about the Bible. Yes you do, because God in His grace and mercy allows you to have a good life even if you don’t study His word. Jesus says in John 10:10, He came that we might have life abundantly. God wants you not just to have a decent life but to have an abundant one. When we are living stressful and unfulfilling lives this is not the abundance God has in mind. Knowing the Bible helps us to understand how to live an abundant life in a corrupt world. You may have heard preachers preach the abundant life is one with a lot of money and earthly possessions, but God’s true abundant life is righteousness, peace and joy. 

One of the greatest reasons for studying the Bible is to get to know God. Everyone wants to know what God is like, why He does what He does, and how they can please Him. All of these answers are found in the Bible. When you really understand God loves you and that He will never leave you, a peace comes to your life that is unexplainable. This peace gives you the freedom to live a life walking with God without fear of disappointing Him.

Another reason to study the Bible, is to quench the fiery darts of the evil one. The devil uses people unwittingly to do his evil work. Take for example public speaking. Let’s say God wants you to teach a class, but you are one swayed by people’s actions and opinions. The devil doesn’t want you to be successful in conveying God’s word so he will make it seem like they are uninterested, or not in agreement. When you look out among the people, you see yawns, some checking their watches, or some with a puzzled look. If you do not know God’s word and how attacks come, it will derail the good work God wants to do through you.

Another reason to study the Bible, is to not be ashamed when someone asks you a question because you cannot answer. The time to persuade the person to the truth is at the moment they ask. If you have to say, “I will have to get back to you,” or “I will ask my Pastor,” you have just lost the opportunity. When you go back with an answer they will not be as open to the truth.

The Bible Says in Romans 2:4, the kindness of God leads you to repentance. God is so good, loving and kind, you might choose never to learn any more than what you hear the Pastor or Sunday school teacher say and still have a good, blessed life, but wouldn’t it say to God that you love Him and appreciate His blessings, to be a good student of His teachings?

Father, help us to choose to study the Bible and become closer to you. In the name of Jesus, amen