Who’s Theology are you living?

After hearing someone give their testimony, have you ever asked yourself, why isn’t my walk with God that exciting? I was listening to a Pastor who said he had talked with a person who was trying to teach him about Biblical doctrine, when he discovered the man did not know the Bible, but had been relying on what he had heard someone else say. At the end of their conversation, the Pastor told the man to go home and read the Bible for himself.
Later that night. the Pastor asked himself, “Have I even done what I told him to do?” The more he thought about it, the more he realized much of his theology was also based on what he had heard others say.

In order to have that deep, exciting, daily walk with God, you have to have your own experiences with Him. The people you hear about who have such exciting experiences with God are those who have taken the time to learn who He is, what He likes, and what He thinks, instead of only seeking Him in an emergency.

In Acts 17:11, Paul comes across a group of believers, he said was more noble minded, because they searched the scriptures daily to see if what he said was true. These people did not just take Paul’s word for it, they took the time to see if he was speaking the truth.

Start today, take the time to get to know our great and mighty God in Heaven for yourself, and you too will experience the exciting ways He will work in your life.

Father, thank you that You are willing to give each of us personally a walk with You that we do not have to rely on someone else’s idea of the truth. In the name of Jesus, amen